Why We Donate 15% Back to Lake Tahoe

Why We Donate 15% Back to Lake Tahoe

Why do we donate to Keep Tahoe Blue? 

We donate 15% of our profits to Keep Tahoe Blue because they are a solutions-oriented team of Tahoe advocates who use innovation, boots on-the-ground action and a unique, holistic approach to solve the environmental challenges threatening the Lake we love. They hold many campaigns to help inform the community on how to combat pollution, advance restoration, and tackle invasive species. The League is a big part of how Lake Tahoe stays so blue and a healthy body of water.

One reason Lake Tahoe is so clear is that 40 percent of the precipitation falling onto the Lake’s watershed falls directly upon the Lake. The remaining precipitation drains through marshes and meadows, which are a good filtering system for water. Unfortunately, many of the Lake's natural filtering systems have been disturbed by development and Tahoe's clarity is diminishing.