About Us


Meet the Babes of Grow Wild, a passionate group of women who have come up with a way to essentially crowd fund for Keep Tahoe Blue while sourcing the raddest, local brands into a Sierra Nevada boutique collective.

We are committed to our contribution, and when we are not working to build the ecommerce we are outside getting inspiration from Lake Tahoe and the surrounding mountains and high desert.  

We might be a small team but we have some big goals, you can read more about our initiatives on our blog posts lead by our founder Amber (@brunettetahoette) a scientist turned climate activist in Reno-Tahoe.  We have come along way, but you can expect to see the following next year!

  1. More mama makers!  We have grown our local vendors 1000x over the last few months and are developing relationships with the women behind the goods.
  2. More affiliate opportunities!  We have seasonal beach cleanups and tree plantings for our local @grow.wild.oils babes and have been transitioning to a platform that can include all locations.  We have also extended our paid program beyond our sister co.
  3. Tracking our donations.  We want to have a live dashboard showing where our 15% goes - funding projects that we are passionate about around the lake.
  4. Grow our community outreach events.  We quickly found that environmental activism is contagious, and attending local plogging and polar plunge outings help create awareness and build support groups for locals.


Grow.Wild.NCo is a Sierra Nevada boutique collective that collectively works to Keep Tahoe Blue through charitable donations.


A Note From Our Founder:

The connections I have made over the last 3 years with both our maker community and customer base has been incredible.  My team is more than the local goods we slang - we are motivated by the success of our mission.  Watching our maker community scale up from handmade to hiring teams is probably one of the best joys I have experienced.  I now spend much of my time coaching and growing the knowledge base our extended manufacturing partners need to succeed, and I plan to keep growing, wildly.

I continuously reevaluate employee pricing and raise and promote where possible, while ensuring we are paying for the highest quality good via fair wages that makers deserve.  I quickly realized I wanted to offer payment to all those who help and support our company - and launched the affiliate program.  We now have over 150+ paid affiliates (@grow.wild.oils) working remote for our brand and it is a dream come true.  My goal is to help others grow their opportunities into full time gigs.

All of this work - from the retail to the community outreach - is inspired by the awesome microclimate we live in of Tahoe.  Many know I am primarily an environmental engineer, and primarily driven to create a more sustainable future.  That means 100% of the business decisions I make is environmentally focused, and carefully evaluated.  This business is a 'Crystal Bay' level donor to the lake and we plan to keep it that way.  I hope to inspire other businesses to give back to their local climate in any way they can.