FREE slow SHIPPING (international) to support our Environmental mission statement • Shop our LOCAL VENDOR COLLECTION for fastest / USA shipping option


Q1.  Who are the babes behind Grow WiLd?    

Some of us live in Reno, NV and run our ecommerce from here as well as our small in store collection.  We have >15 employees on fulfillment and customer service, and a few working remotely from the east coast.  We are all boss babe environmentalists and we hope you can get that from our blog posts!


Q2.  Can we find you in store?

Yes!  We have a pop up presence in Reno NV and South Lake Tahoe CA.  The majority of our products are online only.


Q3.  I forget the first time buyer discount code?

Please use code 'wildtribe' at checkout.  The box for discount code inputs is located on the payment page.


Q4.  I can't find the product I am looking for.

It is possible it is out of stock.  Try using the 'search' feature and entering the product name.


Q5.  The discount did not apply for my bundle of shirts?

The quantity break discount only applies within the variant, not across variant designs.  Also note this cannot be combined with additional discount codes.


Q6.  How do the orders ship?

The orders ship via USPS, according to the customer selection.  Our most popular selection is the 'local tribe' collective which offers the fastest shipping!


Q3.  I only received one of my items, will the rest ship separately?

Because we are a retailer of so many rad brands, please expect multiple packages for compound orders.  


Q7.  How can we contact you?

Our email is - we answer every email in the order it was received and value all feedback!


Q8.  How do I find the return and shipping policies?

Both policies are linked to the header/footer menu, and can also find in the drop down or under 'search.'


Q9.  How do I know if I purchased from the local items collection?

To access the local product collection, click the menu drop down for “LOCAL VENDOR COLLECTION.”  The remaining items are shipped internationally.


Q10.  How long until I receive fulfillment emails?

Please allow 5-7 days for the fulfillment email; shipping notification to follow separately. 


Q11. How do I know where my item ships from?

It may be tough to identify because we use a global drop-shipping company but you can always reach out and ask via email.  Our local vendor selection does list maker/designer/manufacturer Name but we do have over 45 suppliers.


Q12.  How can I get the most expedited shipping?

To get the most expedited shipping, shop our Grow Wild Tribe collection:

Please leave the 3-5 day window for order fulfillment in addition to the shipping.


Q13.  Will the colors be the exact same as the pictures?

Please realize that the pictures we have are heavily filtered through our editing process - factors such as lighting and photoshop technique can influence.  Keep this in mind :)


Q14.  Does screen print sometimes create an odor for tshirts?

That odor you may smell on your new tee is a by-product of the custom printing method used to print the design. But, don't fret! The odor from printing is just a temporary addition. Now that your tee is out of the confined space of the shipping bag, the printing smell will dissipate after a few days and a wash cycle.