Why We Implemented NO RETURNS

The environment comes first in our business practice.  Everything from sell price to policy is determined post our 15% donation with every purchase.  Which brings into play our most inconvenient policy: NO RETURNS.

Returns are harmful to the environment, plain and simple.  They are responsible for a mind numbing amount of carbon dioxide emissions due to the waste process produced by exchanging.  We understand this brings a challenge for the customer to put more thoughtfulness into their order selection.  Which is why we have invested in 24/7 chat support on all social media channels, most notable our website and customer service emails.  Our goal is to be present to help navigate - after all keyboard strokes cause 0 waste.  

We understand that choosing a shirt size can be stressful in this day and age, so we want to talk to you about this versus throwing measurements and dimensions in your face,.  We are here for YOU and we also like to educate on this new commerce process that like minded businesses both small and large are adopting.  Are we a pioneer for this?  Maybe.  But we do not think that the customer needs to be inconvenienced in any way.

We polled customers early on on what percentage of their online apparel purchases they exchanged - and found that globally this was less than 5%.  So while only 5% of customers may need this, we still feel it is important to outline options for all.  Which is why we encourage gifting or donating the item.  That way you can take a sustainable action that betters both You and the Environment - not to mention a person in need.

Our customers have asked for local women's shelter addresses, saved the item for a friend's upcoming birthday or Christmas gift, or even read our article on how to style shirts and found a re-use solve.  Nothing makes us happier than hearing positive customer feedback on our policy, while the environment silently high fives.

Thank you for your support,