COVID-19 Shipping Impact


Starting in early March, non-essential businesses were impacted by state-wide 'isolation in place' - starting with CA, and NV (our current home base).  We are continuing to take orders like most small businesses to keep our doors open and employees paid, but can feel this impact.

We have had to reduce our working hours to meet the requirements which adds to upfront order processing time - remember each item is made on demand, so as to not carry stock or inventory which is bad for the planet and for us during a 50% retail business decrease.

In addition, USPS our shipping provider has mandated delays and quarantine timelines.  Packages are being held to ensure COVID-19 disinfection time which is critical and something we respect during this unprecedented time.

We are looking at 3 week shipping delays based on these advisories and are monitoring tracking numbers closely, but understand USPS is not releasing tracking numbers for 7 days to help flatten the spread of the virus.  Please email for further questions.

For reference, larger company Amazon is at 10 day shipping for Prime members (previous 2 day shipping commit).

During this timewe will be enforcing our 0 cancellation and 0 refund/return policy.