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Our Bikini Body T-shirt is inspired by Carly on Instagram @paradisefitnesswithcarly

"My name is Carly Compton and I am a self-love + confidence educator, eating disorder survivor, podcast host, and MSW student. My mission in life is to spread awareness and educate on eating disorder while also helping individuals all over the world learn to disconnect their worth from their weight, break up with toxic diet culture, and step into their true selves!

I spent years hating my body, wishing I looked a different way but realized that wasn't how I wanted to live my life and wasn't how I wanted anyone to have to live their lives.

My goal is that when you interact with me, see my posts, or hear my story that you are inspired to heal your relationship with food, movement, and most importantly your body and that you will see just how much more their is to life than weight loss, restriction, and hatred toward your body! You deserve better than that, I promise!"

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