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Zero Waste // Grow Wild Oils

Do you want to make a change? Take a stand and do your part to help our mother earth. Here are some ways that our Grow Wild Oils page is making a difference and you can too. We use plant based products everyday. From cleaning our house to making our dinners.

Young Living essential oil is jumping on the ban wage toward Zero Waste. They plan to be Zero Waste by 2024. We fully support and here are ways you can help too. Start by using the 3 R’s daily - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Reduce - the amount of plastic water bottles you use/buy. Invest in a reusable water bottle and fill it daily. Reuse - water bottles, storage containers, reusable bags, straws, and more. Recycle - it doesn't take much to throw a once used container into a blue or green colored bin. We only have one Mother Earth so let's get to it. Every change you make to reduce your waste WILL create a positive impact. Start by making a choice and fully going for it. I made this choice 3 years ago when I first bought my Thieves Cleaner starter pack and I have never looked back. 

Have you ever had a cleaning product that could clean the whole house from one bottle? Introducing Thieves, it saves lives (literally). With Thieves you can wash your floors, clothes, dirty hands, bathrooms, any and every surface, and more. No more hazardous waste going down your drains or chemical scares surrounding your family and fur babies. The only caution on the label are; if swallowed just drink water.

Spread awareness to your friends, family, and neighbors. Make the switch to Plant Based products. Young Living has many affordable options while giving you the resources to learn along the way. Buying products that are sustainably made is something so small that you can do everyday to make a big change in the world.   

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