Year 1

For a company with the words Grow and Wild in the name, it’s still hard to believe the whirlwind first year we had.  With some lofty goals and a laptop, this community took Tahoe by storm.  Here's a look back at Year1.

From our very first sale we made an impact.  We figure not find a way for the average shopper to make a donation with a seamless boutique transaction?  It's a way to crowd fund for the Environment and sharing the cost of responsibility.  But nobody told us to prepare for the fire that this would set through the souls of our 1000 strong ambassadors.  Individuals requested and built the program, and that is our #1 success of 2018.

Our second success came in the way of using our capital to support local artisans.  This has been a slow transition but one by one each product is beginning to have a local maker counterpart.  Customers seek out these products and we are happy to grow this concept, wildly.  It's like a Zero Impact market, we are online and available 24/7 without drawing on utilities or carbon footprint.

The next success came in the form of social outreach.  We participated in some local fundraisers and ultimately hosted our own cleanup.  More to come of this concept and we hope to grow the impact nationally thanks to a fun concept we are developing on EventBrite.  

The best capital we gained by far is in human capital with our partnerships and collaborations with local photographers and entrepreneurs.  This area has endless opportunities and any time we have poured energy into this it has been rewarding.  This is a general open letter to anyone who is interested in being a product and thus environmental steward alongside us.  

Finally, we welcomed over 80 families to our Natural Product lifestyle and sister co @grow.wild.oils.  We did a one month tree planting activity and hope to expand on the concept this year.  Local or not, seeing the products utilized in homes is a net positive for the environment and this helps offset our carbon footprint that comes with packaging and shipping.  Through this growth we have been able to help foster startups amongst those boss babes interested in earning an income as well, which makes us incredibly happy to be able to reward and give back on an employee level.

What do we have in store this year?  A lot.  How are we starting it?  By spending as much time in the outdoors and seeking inspiration from the natural.  The more hikes we do the more motivated we are to commit to our mission and ultimately our purpose.  So you will find us outside as much as possible this year making sustainable growth plans not promises.  #GrowWild