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Why We Dropship

... And why we think every business should!

Small businesses have a few options to get goods to customers - a supply chain that is generally divided into self-owned warehousing, 3rd party fulfillment, or ship on demand (drop ship).

By choosing a ship on demand platform, a company eliminates 4-8 packages per week depending on batch size as well as the carbon footprint associated with the shipping route and pack material.  Not to mention the waste associated with inventory - don’t be fooled as even small batches are often miscalculated and hard to control from a post production perspective.  Especially when it comes to sizing breakdowns!

Make on demand platforms also help eliminate waste during the manufacturing process; our mama makers are able to right-size and optimize their models and save on time and material by doing so.  In turn they can afford high paying employees and create jobs.

But what does this mean for the customer?  As a patron of an environmentally focused company this is most likely an expectation or demand of the customer.  The supply process is dictated by the purchasing power and those who sign up for these efficiencies are OK with the give-back go the planet.

We applaud all small businesses getting started out and realize switching to a 0 inventory model takes time and patience.  We started off the back with this in mind but can be a long road for those really trying to undo years worth of cushy warehousing or third fulfillment models.

Looking forward to a future of zero waste for all!