Calling all yogis and festival lovers, ever heard of Wanderlust festivals? Wanderlust is type of festival that's put on for multiple days joining together yogis, teachers, creators, musicians, experts, runners, festival lovers and every person no matter your background, you're invited. They practice mindfulness, yoga, self love, mediation and expanded self development. Wanting to learn, explore, practice, listen, and even taste is key for your Wanderlust experience. 

Where are the events?

Wanderlust is held at different venues around the world. Anywhere from North Lake Tahoe, California to Florence, Italy. They hold Destination festivals and regular retreats worldwide.

Today, July 18th - July 21st there's one going on right in our backyard, in North Lake Tahoe at Squaw Valley. Wanderlust says that, "...Squaw Valley is a highlight of our summer season. Spread across six peaks in the dramatic Sierra Nevada mountain range, overlooking pristine Lake Tahoe, there’s an energy at Squaw that transcends its natural beauty and a vibrancy that radiates from the people who make the festival what it is." We couldn't agree more, we're headed up there this Saturday, July 20th so be sure to follow along on our social media accounts to see this magical experience first hand. 

 If you plan on going to Squaw Wanderlust here's the inside scoop on what to know about the people

  • Everyone wants to be your friend, so say hi and introduce yourself. 
  • You'll make way more friends than you ever thought you would.
  • Smiles are contagious. 
  • One compliment can make your day bright. 
  • There is no such thing as too colorful. 
  • People are meant to connect with one another. When we learn to identify our fears we can move toward overcoming them. Everyone has fear. Discover it and stalk it. Hunt it down and rid your self of your deepest fears. 

About the Festival itself 

  • Wear sunscreen, bring flip flops, a bathing suit, and a notebook. Bring clothes for different temperatures, it gets cold at night in the mountains. 
  • Be prepared for lots of walking, wear comfortable shoes. 
  • Sign up for activities early because classes fill up quickly. 
  • Don't attempt to do everything-what you accomplish is the perfect experience. 
  • Be prepared to have the time of your life

To find out more about the Wanderlust festivals click here!