Traveling to Lake Tahoe? Things You Should Know.

Because we are celebrating our THIRD summer at the lake, we thought we could share a lesson or two that we learned - especially during the heavy tourist months!

If you are planning to go to a paid parking beach (like Sand Harbor!), get there before 8:30.  Which means plan to leave your house at 7:00 with traffic in all directions.  From our experience, other beach parking will be scarce, subject to ticketing, and will come with a steep hike to the beach (and back!).

To see any of the look-out attractions (like Emerald Bay!) we recommend to plan a sunrise or sunset trip, the former preferably.  Do not at all be surprised if you find yourself stuck in the single lane traffic that surrounds Tahoe for 1-2 hours.  

If possible we recommend biking!  Park your car somewhere safe (and figure 3+ miles from where you want to be) and bike in on any of the trails!  East Shore just opened a grand biking and walking trail that we highly recommend.  Pack a backpack and send it with friends.

We couldn't write this without giving the infamous Wet Woody drink at least one shout out!  Catch them on West Shore at Chambers, East Shore at Garwoods, and South Lake at Riva Grill!  Reservations highly recommended!

Another piece of advice is to be sure to check out the ski resorts for some fun summer popups, or even just scenic gondola tours.  The villages at Heavenly and Squaw are our go to!  

In all these activities, we recommend packing an empty trash bag.  You will be surprised at how quickly you can fill it without going off the trail!  And please be aware this is Tahoe's wildfire season.  Pack extra water because the dew point will be LOW but also educate others' to be cautious of any spark producing action!

-The Babes at Grow Wild


(picture by @voyagerguru)