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The Future is Female

Happy President's Day!

The next 3 statements not only define us but inspire us:

1.  The Future is Female.

2.  Actionable environmental laws matter.

3. We will not rely on any President to make a change.

Here us out. 

1.  Females have the majority of the buying power across the world.  We are the decision makers for the household.  We are the movers and shakers and change makers. 

2.  Mandates for 50% renewable energy in your county/state for 2030 are worth fighting for.  Big power companies can have big impacts.

3.  We need to vote and to be there for election lobbying, but we need to come home and drive action ourselves.  Small habits like buying for companies that have sustainability goals and net positive impacts are key.

The world is changing and we are here for it.  To join our environmental mastermind group send an email to - we have real actions led by real people making them happy.  Oh, and they are all female :)

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