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So, You Wanna Buy Local?

We get it, paying extra for sustainable supply chain can be tight on the wallet,  but that is why we divided our shop into 2 separate collections. 

The local vendor collection is really a tribe of makers that share the same ideals as we have - and is the backbone of #growwildnco.

And guess what?  We offset our nonlocal offerings by donating 15% of profits to a local environmental nonprofit!  

In our opinion either collection is a win-win for Tahoe, and that is how we like it.  But we do not want to stop here, we are currently raising capital (remember we are just starting to grow wild since 2018) to expand our warehousing and fulfillment options for customers.

We also have some big goals for 2019 outside of our products, and most importantly outside of Tahoe, including a national beach clean up campaign.  Year 2 is going to be a wild year for us, we have SO much work to do :)

-The Grow WiLd team