No Tide in Tahoe

Time to Learn the Benefits of Using Greener Cleaning Products

Many people have used the same popular cleaners their whole lives, but have you ever stopped to consider what is actually in those products? The majority of all mainstream household cleaners contain a slur of harsh chemicals that are not only unhealthy for you, but also for our environment. The ingredients found in these said products contribute to a variety of environmental concerns, from reducing air quality from the toxic fumes to detrimentally affecting aquatic species as soon as they get washed down your drain, and Lake Tahoe is no exception. 

Making the switch to greener cleaning products may make you apprehensive at first, but as an avid promoter of Thieves Cleaning Products by YoungLiving, I can confidently say that it is worth it. They rival the power of the harsher products with the added benefit of being safer for your family, more cost-effective, and also constitute no added risk to the ecosystem!

Let's look at Thieves® Laundry Soap for instance... 

• Free from SLS, dyes, petrochemicals, formaldehyde, phosphates, synthetic perfume, and optical brighteners
• Safe and natural enough to be poured directly onto clothing
• Compatible with high-efficiency (HE) washing machines
• Can be used as a stain pre-treatment
• Contains enzymes that combat dirt and stains
• Formulated to be a highly concentrated formula; a 32-ounce container can wash up to 64 loads

Thieves Laundry Soap gently and naturally washes your clothes, cleaning them without leaving behind any harsh chemical or synthetic residue. Fabrics come out of the washer clean with a pleasant citrus aroma, thanks to a 100 percent pure blend of Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot essential oils.

Thieves Laundry SoapThieves Cleaning Products are naturally contrived, and naturally the best option for No Tide in Tahoe and for your overall health as well. 

I will continue to provide more background information behind the Thieves line to help build your confidence in making the transition as well as continuing to promote greener living for the added benefits to the environment. 

For a detailed list of the reasons why you should switch to natural products, check out this article from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):