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How to Tie Dye

Tie Dying 101

First grab dye from the store or off Amazon. They are really popular right now and selling fast! Theres also a lot of cool designs, go to Pinterest to find some inspiration.  

Second, pick out any white tees or items you have to dye. We love using our Made In The West Boyfriend Tee, Get High in The Rockies Tee, and our The Badass Woman In Me Honors The Badass Woman In You / White Boyfriend

Third, get all the supplies out. 

Fourth, you'll layout and choose your items you'll be dying. 

Then you'll be choose the dyes and add water. 


For more pastel colors dump out 3/4 of the powder. 

Then choose a design swirl and start dying! When you're done let it sit for the time it tells you and then wash the items separately. Wear you're shirt and repeat!