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DIY Bleach Faux Tie Dye

Here’s the thing I am trying to wear a cozy t-shirt as often as possible.  Let’s face it sometimes just a t-shirt can be boring or maybe just a little too casual.  A simple fix is to tie them up with a side knot.  Instant improvement for a night out on the town with a fun funky skirt and yea just your cozy t-shirt.  Remember when we would use scrunchies to tie them on the side.  Oh you’re too young?  Well that was a thing.  Now that scrunchies are back maybe we should bring that look back as well. 

  In the mood for even more of a way to spice of your t-shirt?  Get some scissors and bleach, because we are about to customize your t-shirt into a cute crop top.  Cute and cozy.  You can dress this up or down.  Basically, you will be able to wear it every day if you’re in that.  I mean who doesn’t want to be cute and cozy.          

Step one:  Purchase a super cute shirt from Grow.Wild.Co.

Step two:  Cut shirt to your liking.  I chose to cut the sleeves some and to make it into more of a crop top.  There’s no exact measurement here.  I recommend cutting a little at a time, then trying on to see if you need to cut some more.  Note that cutting the edges will make the material slightly roll up, so accommodate for that

Step three:  Immerse the shirt in cold water.  This step helps the bleach stay more in the spot you place it for step five. 

Step four:  With disposable gloves on put bleach into a smaller bottle, so it’s easier to place on the shirt.  I used a bottle that came with a tie dye kit that I just had at my house.  I also tried an old spray bottle that once had hair product in it.  The spray bottle personally didn’t do much for me when I sprayed it on to the shirt.  I preferred just using the old tie dye bottle.  The bleach needs to be concentrated in one spot for it to start lifting.  I am sure you could find something similar to a tie bottle in the kitchen section at your local store, or perhaps a dropper of some sorts would work as well.  Get creative here.  I didn’t want to make a trip to the store, so I just looked around the house for supplies.

Step five:  Spread your wet shirt out onto a bleach safe space.  I just used a glass table top, then with your gloves on start placing the bleach in spots you think would look good.  You can do as little or as much as you like.  Remember that the bleach will soak through to the back part of the shirt as well. 

Step six:  Now you wait.  The bleach will start to lift pretty quickly.  You can reapply to some areas for even more of a bleached out look. This is a preference thing.  When you get the look you like rinse it out before placing it in the washer.  


Step seven:  Wear your very own customized Grow.Wild.Co shirt out and about.  Prepare for compliments.     

Raeanne Hogner