Essential Oil Accessories

Have you checked out the new page on our site yet? You asked, so we answered.

It's my new favorite because it's ALL about the oils - Essential Oils. If you're an oily babe like me or have no idea what essential oils are, you have to check it out. 

For starters, Essential Oils are a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance from the plant or other source from which it is extracted. I started using them 2.5 years ago and haven't looked back. Lavender is my absolute best friend for multiple reasons. 

           1.) It helps significatly with my anxiety - it brightens my day, mood, and helps calm me down. 

           2.) It smells divine and everyone will be asking what perfume you're wearing. 

           3.) It has many different uses and can be blended with other oils to be worn as your perfume. My favorite blend is with Clary Sage. (AMAZING) 

I love to diffuse my oils on my diffuser earrings and necklace, I loved them so much for myself I had to share. 

We carry these Half Moon Diffuser Earrings from Pink Moon. These cute earrings can hold all the essential oils goodness throughout your busy day. Not a fan of these earrings, check out our alternative earring choices we have to offer.✨


Another one of my favorite items are the Lava diffuser necklace. The necklace is just another way to carry around your sweet smelling oils all day long. The oils absorb into the lava stones, avoiding staining your attire for the day. The black lava stones are so simple and go with just about anything.💎

How do you stay organized when you have one of each oil? Well, if you're asking me I use 4 of my honey Hexagon Shelfs. I sort my oils by the different scents colors and how often I use them. I store them inside the hexagon, as well as, on top of it. These bee hive hexagons are simple to hang and look ADORABLE.🐝


We have three more pages of oil accessories to look at on the Grow Wild Oils Tribe tab on our site. Not apart of an oily tribe but, want to know more about essential oils? Click here to check it out and join our tribe.🔮