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Earth Day is Everyday 🌎

Wild Earthlings,

It seemed only fitting to wait a few days to write this post.  For us, Earth Day is Every. Single. Day.  Many of you may not realize the babes behind Grow Wild are solving the world's energy crisis during our 9-5's.  We are environmental scientists, chemists, and engineers (all female!) who are literally tackling a global giant: air pollution.

When we are not revolutionizing the world's transportation system and sequestering carbon, we are focused on our home in Reno-Tahoe.  During Year 1 our goal was to contribute to the League to Save Lake Tahoe, and while we continue that into Year 2 our new priority is to support the local ecosystem of makers and vendors along the way through our ever growing Local Collection.

It takes a commitment and a stance to buy a t-shirt for > $30 from our local makers and that speaks to our customers who will seek out the local collection.  Even as the cost of goods for our business increases, our 15% donation has remained constant.  In fact, it is a reoccurring bill pay that does not get touched even when our employee costs outweigh our typical operations.  We are hoping to set the standard for big corps to donate even 1% to a cause, whether that be environmental or not.  

Our big hope for Year 2 is to be able to support our growing business while still managing to organize the clean up days in our community.  We are hiring for this community outreach role, which will also tie in to our sister platform which aims to provide environmental education.  This brand has spread nationally to Michigan and Idaho for home bases as well as internationally to Australia and Luxembourg.  But we need an event coordinator for Lake Tahoe, and that is our next big development to rally our ambassadors and brand partners for community outreach.

Curious to find out more?  Check out our About Us section on the site!

-The Babes of Grow Wild