Diversity & Inclusion

This has been a month of education and absorption for our small team, and this is just the beginning. We are committed to diversifying our feed, our donation platform, and our paid photography and influencer content

I am proud of our small team and our brand as a whole for contributing, challenging, and listening during this time. It’s time to put words into actions and put our money where our mouth is. Thank you for your support and holding us accountable. I hope we can set an example for brands 100x the size of us and continue to be grateful for what we now see as our highly educated audience. 

As a brand whose mission statement is to Support Your Local Girl Gang, we see the need to grow and improve. This month we diversified our donation platform for the first time in two years, took our first BIPOC paid partnership, and sourced from a black graphic designer. Even though we are small it is important we take action with our dollar and are held accountable by our customers and WiLd followers. Will you help us?

Because we do not have a brick and mortar our feed and blog is the #1 way our customers can interact with us, so we want to start by acknowledging our responsibility to intentionally post. We have always been known for highlighting all body types admitting every. single. applicant. into our ambassador and paid affiliate program. But we want to focus more on posting BIPOC women and equally (50%) engaging in our new product-for-content trade program

We also acknowledge our donation per purchase platform that every customer participates in supports the predominantly affluent mountain town of Lake Tahoe via an automatic withdrawal. We are committed to changing this platform MONTHLY over the next year. We will not end with our one time donation this month to @blklivesmatter .

Finally, we are committed to sourcing from black owned small shops. This month we have our first BIPOC graphic designer that we are supporting and quite frankly that should not have taken two years. There are mama makers of goods in our community that we can source from and we intend to do that. We feel it is important to support monetarily and diversify our ongoing expenditures

While we have worked hard to revamp our supply chain and get our products where we want them to be, we have a ton of work as a white owned business in an affluent mountain town to do. I think recognizing and acknowledging this early is going to help us make better choices and decisions in the future .

This month we implemented donation structure changes and are on the hunt to feature more products from local Black, Indigenous, and People of Color small business owners. This week we are diverting funding from our Facebook and instagram marketing strategy to go into the pockets of non white influencers and honestly, I lacked the education and awareness to start these programs sooner

I acknowledge we can do better and am committed to bringing my businesses and this babe into a more inclusive and just world - far beyond the environmental justice I normally preach. If you made it this far and wouldn’t mind sending a DM or email on things we can do better, things you like that we do and should do more of, or things you want us to stop right now - I would appreciate any and all feedback. You can be real and as constructive and raw as you feel comfortable, this mama is ready to prepare for some big changes!

Thank you all again for pushing us to make a commitment toward Diversity & Inclusion. Please let us know below if you have suggestions for our small business. 🙏🏽