Better for Tahoe Cleaner

We have teamed up with sister site @grow.wild.oils to do what we can through the current state of affairs.  This includes putting our apparel retail aside and focusing on environmentally friendly cleaning products for households.  Through one common thread #noTideinTahoe.

As many of you know small businesses have been impacted in great ways, especially in our industry.  Coming together with our sister site gives both of us the chance to weather the next few weeks, if not months.  We have been slowly integrating over the last quarter but this time called for an immediate response.

Just like our apparel, we have a 0 return and 0 cancellation policy.  With household and consumable items especially we cannot accept return of products for sanitary and environmental reasons.  But we hope to eliminate any back and forth shipping by establishing this policy.

We will keep similar timelines for fulfillment or order and work with the shipping requirements for liquids.  We are so excited to learn about these products with you and can answer any questions on - we are working our best on shipping and fulfillment time, and after your first bundle order you will also receive details on getting 25% off future orders through our wholesaler directly (YL).

The purchasing options include:

1) Samples:


2) Retail:


3) Wholesale:


The wholesale option is best value for those who plan to make future purchases.  We have a 0 refund policy on all 3 options, regardless of whether an item was opened or not.