A Weekend With The Donner Party

Last weekend the Grow Wild Team photoshoot went down at Donner Lake in California. Donner Lake is located in the heart of the Sierras next to a quaint little town called Truckee. We rented out the raddest house, which is now for sale and shot a little for our brand. 

Why does Donner Lake sound so familiar? 

Donner Lake is where the Donner Party got stuck and ate each other. Well, theres more to it but they were families who were migrating to the west coast before the snow started. They were on the California Trail and got stuck in a snow store in Truckee, CA by Donner Lake. Here, the families then ran out of food and many died. They resorted to cannibalism. 

For the shoot

For the shoot we road around the lake looking for a free open dock to begin on. Donner has a bunch of public docks you can go out on and hangout right next to the water. Here we hauled everything out of our car and down to the lake. We laughed, had the best time and the best photographer @danirawsonphoto. 

After the shoot we headed back to our rad circle 3 story rental. Here we made tacos, drank wine and told story's. We then took a wine walk down to China Cove. We talked, and watched the clear water hit the stones and sand. The leaves were just starting to turn and dogs swam. It was the best time. 

For Golden Hour we also headed to the famous Donner Swing that over looks Donner Lake. We hiked down and took turns swing above the world.  

What to do at Donner Lake? 

Check out any of the beaches around the lake. 

Stop to go out on a dock.

Have ice cream.

Pack for the day and have a picnic on the beach or docks. 

Head up to the famous Swing. 

Go to downtown Truckee.