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5 Ways to Help Keep Tahoe Wildly Blue

We may be a small brand with limited resources, but we hope to make a big impact with our abundant education.  Check out 5 easy things to Keep Tahoe even Bluer, Grow Wild Style.  These tasks apply to any water source really, so spread the word!

  1. Participate in our virtual beach clean up.  Be an advocate for a water source clean up near you, and join our EventBrite/Facebook sign up here!
  2. Change your sunscreen.  This is a little known fact, but beware of those zinc oxides and heavy metal sunscreens, bad for the environment and for you.  Make a switch to plant based ingredients like we do on our sister co. here!
  3. Report invasive algae.  This mobile app lets visitors be citizen scientists, reporting real data on their finds.  You can download it here!
  4. Ditch your laundry detergent.  The pesky brighteners in most detergents end up on both your skin and in your water.  For just $1 we will send you information and recommendations, sign up here!
  5. Preach.  Use your social media platform to spread awareness.  We have received such positive feedback for our mission to donate 15% to environmental causes that we developed our increasingly popular Ambassador program.  Check it out here!