5 Home Decor Items for Every Space

We have all the Home Decor Items for Every Space in your house big or small.

First up is Woven Macrame. Macrame can be hung up next to your bed or in your living room. It looks nice touch above a couch or bed. I also have hung mine up behind my bed when I didn't have a bed frame yet. 

Second, a woven wicker basket. The baskets are great to put your potted plant in or as a decoration. The wicker baskets can also hold blankets in your family area. It can also act as a dressed up toy bin.


Third, Folk Print set can be displayed nicely in your dining room, living room, or bedroom. Put them in a frame and set them where ever you see they fit. The two can be broken up in a room or displayed next to each other like so. 

Forth, is a Tahoe Beach blanket. Add a new cozy blanket to your home. These durable blankets are perfect for beach days and camping. 

Fifth, String Art. Add a cute littler decoration to your desk or any bare wall that needs a little pop. The string art will draw attention spice and bring back any memory you have.