5 Essential Oils That Do Almost Everything

Here are a couple of our favorite essential oils that do almost everything. 


Lemon helps eliminate odors, freshen surfaces and help in your beauty routine. Rub lemon on a rag and wipe down your garbage bin, shoes, or diaper bag to help with the odors. Lemon is also great for cleaning, add it to your household cleaners or thieves before you get started. Lemon is also great for your skin. Add it to your toner or serum to help fight the appearance of blemishes. You can also add it to your hair to bring out its natural shine. 



Thieves essential oil helps eliminate orders, cleans, and can get you into the fall spirit. Drop a couple of thieves drops down on your carpet before you vacuum and it'll freshen up any room. Add a few drops to your cleaner or dish washer before cleaning. Add thieves to your diffuser to clean the air and get you into the fall spirt. 



Peppermint essential oil is great for sore bodies, awakening and bathing in. After a hard workout rub peppermint with a carrier oil together and rub on wherever it's needed. Peppermint is very awakening, diffuse it in the morning to wake up and start your day. Peppermint is also very relaxing and helps with a sore body, add it to your bath and relax.



Frankincense essential oil is great for almost everything, including taking care of your skin, creating a grounding environment for your spiritual practices, and so much more. Diffuse Frank during your meditation or yoga practices. Frankincense is also amazing for your skin - it's like botox in a bottle. Add it to your nightly route and promote healthier looking skin. 



Lavender essential oil is a great relaxing and calming oil. Add lavender to your bath to relax. Also add it into your beauty routine. It's great for hair growth, and radiating skin. Diffuse while you go to bed to create a calming atmosphere to fall asleep in.