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3 Things You Need To Know Before Going On Your Next Outdoor Adventure

“3 Things You Need To Know Before Going On Your Next Outdoor Adventure”

Hey there, are you interested in embarking on an Outdoor Adventure? If you are, I am so glad you clicked onto this post because there are some things that you need to know before going. In this post I want to share 3 things that everyone should know before going on your next adventure. Those 3 things are Leave No Trace Principles, Food/Water/Shelter and Safety. I will go into depth on these 3 things and why I think that they are so important to know!

Before we dive into that I want to share with you my outdoor adventure background. I grew up hiking and camping, was part of the Girl Scouts. I am currently getting my degree in Outdoor Adventure Leadership. When I think about any adventure I have been on, these three categories are the first things I address when planning. If you address these three categories, not only will you have an amazing time, you will give back to the environment you are visiting, operating at your most optimal level and be comfortable in your surroundings. If that sounds good to you, keep on reading…...

  • Leave No Trace/ LNT

    The first thing to think about before going on your next adventure is what are you going to do in order to abide by the LNT principles. These guidelines are pretty well known in the outdoor world because of how important they are to minimize our impact on these sensitive environments. The best place to get your information on these rules is to go to the Leave No Trace website, they have a wealth of information to help you feel confident to head out into these wild spaces. Some that pop into my mind is remembering to stay on the marked trail, wandering off the trail can not only get you hurt but more importantly you can end up damaging sensitive habitats. Pick up after yourselves and your pets if you bring them along on your adventure. Know how to use the restroom in the great outdoors. It is actually pretty easy and not gross at all!  Take only photos, do not take anything else home. One final tip on the LNT principles is to look on the website of the place you are exploring to see what their rules and any other valuable information. We are so lucky to call this beautiful planet home, let us do our best to preserve for future generations to come. 

    • Food/Water/Shelter

    No matter if you are only going on a day hike or a multi-day backpacking or camping trip, please, please, please bring food, water and some source of shelter. When it comes to food and water, bring a little bit more than you think you will need for that trip, I recommend bringing plenty of non-perishable snack items for this purpose. Have plenty of water on you at all times, know where water sources are and have some sort of purifier just in case. Having these things will allow you to have the most amazing adventure because you will be well hydrated and fed. Side note: please use reusable water bottles, remember what you bring in, you have to pack out. The last section of this top 3 things to know is shelter. Sometimes trips take longer than you think, weather delays you, having some source of shelter is a good idea. A tarp is a great option or another one that I want to get my hands on is a bivy sack. Always be prepared to camp overnight if need be. Mainly it is a precaution but is alway good to be prepared. Look at it as another part of your adventure!

  • Safety

    This last one kind of feeds into the other two but I want to take time to break down why this is so important. On top of taking into consideration all the things I mentioned above, you should know to  navigate from where you started, to your destination and back. Whether that be a navigation system on your phone, a gps device or a good old map and compass. Knowing how to use at least two of these systems will give you a peace of mind on your outdoor adventure. Have a well stocked first-aid kit that will last for longer than your intended trip. Be prepared for those unexpected cuts and scratches that may happen. If in bear country bring bear spray and a bear canister if staying overnight. Know about wildlife warnings in the area and abide by those precautions. 

    Bonus: Have your 10 Essentials

    There you have it my fellow outdoor adventure lovers! I hope that this blog provided you with some great information to plan your next outdoor adventure! Nothing beats exploring the great outdoors! Remember to keep the environment in mind when exploring these places, just like Grow Wild . nCo.  inspires us to do! Keep being your wild adventurous selves who want to take care of these natural places that we adore!

              Stay Wild, Stay Adventurous,


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