5 Things to do in the Sierras

By now you have heard us talk about this lovely mountain range that 15% of every purchase gets donated to.  But have you experienced them the wild way we do?  Here are 5 things we recommend you do.

1.  Hot Springs Soaks.  We don't want to disclose our favorite CA/NV locations but most are available on google!  Some require an off road trip, others require a small fee for a spa like atmosphere.  Be careful to understand the temperature risks before you dip!  And keep those fur babies out. 

2.  Alpine Lake Dips.  No matter where your travels find you, one thing that is guaranteed is stumbling upon a glacial water body even through summer!  Snow runoff is the contributor to these sub 60 degree lakes, but due to low humidity you will have a welcomed dry off afterwards.

3. Fire Tower Hikes.  While wildfires are an unfortunate occurrence in the summer months, you can map out old fire towers to summit during non-fire times.  These structures have a lot of history in the Sierras and have some of the highest vantage points.

4.  Snowshoe Hikes.  Believe it or not you may STILL need those snowshoes through August!  Suncaps are the phenomenon of the snow melted divots that you have to walk through (hopefully without sinking).  So pack those snowshoes for when you discover the snow pockets!

5.  National Park visits.  The Sierras are home to over 5 national parks and double the state parks.  Some of the lesser visited parks like Lassen and Valley of Fire have landscapes of volcano peaks, mud pots, and geysers.  Definitely worth a visit.

Just remember while you are exploring to always pack an extra trash bag, you never know what you may come across!.