10 Acts of Kindness

10 Simple Act of Kindness

Simple acts of kindness go far. Here are a few ways that you can simply spread kindness throughout your day. I am challenging you to try out at least one of these, they can make someone's day. You never know what kind of life someone is living or what they’re dealing with. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Here are just a few simple acts of kindness that you can share. 

1.) Pick up litter in public. 

I’m sure everyone has gone out in public and seen some type of trash on the street, grass, or beach. Next time you see a wrapper or piece of trash pick it up. After you pick it up, go wash your hands or use hand sanitiser if that really concerns you. Just think of what kind of impact you’ll have on the environment and what others will see, then maybe they’ll pick something up too. 

2.) Buy someones coffee/food through the drive though 

As your going through the drive through think about the person behind you. You could make their day by simply buying their coffee. It’s just a couple more dollars. Don’t want to buy someones coffee exactly maybe buy a gift card and let it run itself dry. 

3.) Leave a server a generous tip.

At one point or another we’ve been a server of some sort, living off tips and a minimum wage job. The next time you go out tip a little extra than just 20%. It would make someone's day. 

4.) Leave an affirmation somewhere.

Write on a card, a piece of paper or even a sticky note and leave it somewhere. It can be as simple as “You’re beautiful,” or some kind of quote that inspires you,  just leave a positive message to make someone's day. 

5.) Participate in a fundraiser. 

You can participate in a fundraiser in your town or city. There are a bunch of online fundraisers as well, like ours that we’re hosting: The Big Clean 2019.

 6.) Donate to your community 

To go along with participating in a fundraiser donate to your community that you believe in. This can be with your time or with money.

7.) Give someone a compliment

When you see someone wearing a cute shirt or shoes, give them a compliment. Make their day by letting them know how fire they look. 

8.) Opening the door for someone

When you’re walking out of a building hold to door for the next person that's coming in. If you see someone struggling to get the door help them out then too. 

 9.) Saying Thank You

When someone does something for you let them know how thankful you are for them and their help. Thanking someone can make their day, just a small gesture for taking your coffee order to listening to you let them know.  

10.) Be Kind to Yourself 

Be kind to yourself - treat yourself how you would treat others. You deserve to treat yourself once in awhile and let yourself know just how special you are.