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Christmas Orders Q&A

Q1: When was the last day for guaranteed Christmas deliveries internationally?

We stopped guaranteeing delivery for international shipments just before Black Friday (November 15th) as USPS cut off is 4 weeks prior to December 15th, and our ship time is 5 weeks.

Q2: Will I receive a US local vendor item in time for Christmas!?

Our cutoff for local vendor guaranteed delivery was Black Friday November 29th.  It is still possible we just do not back any order placed afterwards.  Please respond to us via your order confirmation or tracking email to see your delivery date.

Q3:  USPS shows package delivered, but I do not have my package.

There is a lot of mixup and theft surrounding packages this time of the year through delivery carriers.  Please file a claim with your local post office for this as they fully ensure their deliveries to residential addresses.  

Q4:  Can I cancel my order or get a refund if I missed the policy cutoff?

Unfortunately, we do not offer cancellations nor refunds (or size exchanges!) per our legal terms and conditions, please refer to our policy HERE.

Q5:  What is the normal shipping time?

For fulfillment + shipping please refer to the selection the customer made HERE.

Q6:  What is USPS delayed in updating tracking on their website?

USPS has not updated tracking steps for a large % of labels produced after November 21st per their website.  This is due to holiday and weather delays according to post master message we received.  GWnCo has no control over this process.